Military tour

Duration: 7 days
Location: Kyiv
Day 1:

Arrival to Kyiv

Transfer in 11 Mirrors/Park Inn

Sightseeing walking tour in the centre of Kyiv, including Independence Square and the Alley of the Heavenly Hundred, where a historic event took place – the Revolution of Dignity in 2014.

Dinner at the establishment founded by veterans of the ATO “Veterano Pizza”

Day 2:

Breakfast at the hotel

Kyiv sightseeing tour

Excursion to the National Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War.

You will also have the opportunity to climb The Motherland monument. The monumental sculpture of the «Motherland» stands 62 meters tall upon the museum building with the overall structure measuring 102 m and weighing 530 tons.

Lunch at Ukrainian national flavour restaurant “Tsarske Selo”

Free time

Day 3:

A day-long tour to The Strategic Missile Forces Museum in Ukraine (one way travel time is about 3 hours)

The missile base tour

Nothing’s easier than destroying the world in a few seconds! A turn of a key, a press of a button, and 10 ballistic missiles sky-rocket, spewing flames. This is how the Apocalypse could have started during the Cold War. Although the 46th missile division has long been disbanded, the missiles are dismantled, and the mines are destroyed, there is still a unique opportunity to return to the past for a short while. The missile base tour is an excursion to the Strategic Missile Forces Museum, located near the town of Pervomaisk, Mykolaiv region. We invite you to the once top-secret place where the underground command post is still located. After passing through the underground gallery and going down 35 meters, you can press the very same “red” button, having completed all the steps to launch 10 missiles with nuclear warheads. Here you can see a missile silo capable of withstanding an atomic explosion, as well as the RS-36M2 (SS-18) missile, which NATO countries call “Satan”. After all, only two missiles are enough to destroy everything that moves on an area equal to the territory of Ukraine. Here underground, holding your finger on the button, you can understand how easy it is to destroy the world as we know it!

Places of interest:

Integrated command observation post CP 15В155 

Silo launcher

R-12 (8К63) missile

R-36М2 (15А18М) Voievoda missile (according to NATO classification – SS-18 “Satan”) 

Military equipment for servicing the Strategic Missile Forces

Launch at the restaurant

After the tour, you will return to the hotel in Kyiv

Day 4:

Breakfast at the hotel

Tank tour and Shooting Trial

The total duration of this tour is 8-9 hours.

This legendary heavy tank saw service in the Soviet Army back in the 20th century, It was used during World War II. During your tour you will have a chance to experience the full power of this 40-tonne monster! Normally, we collect our guests at 10 AM at their hotel and drive them out to the range. After we meet the instructors, there is a quick safety briefing, and then it’s time to climb onto the roof of the tank, and hold on for a roller coaster of a ride over open country and off-road trails! During the first part of the lesson, our driver will drive the tank himself and demonstrate the main driving features to our guests. This part of the program lasts twenty minutes. When this is done, it’s time to get behind the wheel and drive the tank yourself (our instructors will stay in the tank to help you, naturally)! The total duration of this tour is 4-5 hours (depending on the number of participants).

T-34 tank ride is taking place at a private training ground 25 km from Kyiv. Not only riding, but also instructor-led driving is possible. Our shooting tours usually take place on a private range located 25 kilometers east of Kiev. This property, housed in a picturesque setting, is the biggest shooting range in Ukraine, and one of the biggest in Europe! Adults can learn to shoot here. The site boasts professional instructors in a highly secure environment: instructors are constantly on hand to monitor guests and cater to their needs.  Once at the range, guests will undergo a quick safety briefing from our instructor, and start shooting. The total duration of this tour is about 3 to 4 hours, including transport.

Professional instructors will give you a course in shooting and safety at the range. You will practice shooting with different types of weapons: М-4 (10 rounds) Shotgun (10 rounds) Steyr AUG (10 rounds) Glock-17 pistol (10 rounds)

Day 5:

A day-long tour to The Poltava Museum of Long-Range and Strategic Aviation (one way travel time is about 3 hours)

The Heavy Bomber Airbase Tour 

During the Cold War, Soviet heavy bombers swashbuckled the skies, ready to hit any target with cruise missiles. It seemed that confrontation was a thing of the past, but Tu-95 (“Bear”) and Tu-160 (“Black Jack”) are still in the sky, ready to destroy the world at any moment. The Heavy Bomber Airbase Tour is a unique opportunity to learn more about the times of the Cold War by visiting a museum located in Poltava — the former base of the 185th Guards Heavy Bomber Aviation Regiment. After all, nowhere else in the world you will see Soviet strategic missile carriers as museum exhibits. The site is also unique in the fact that during World War II, the airbase was used by the US Air Force for raids on Nazi Germany. Our tour is an opportunity not only to see the famous Tu-95 and Tu-160, but also to visit their cockpits. The first Soviet jet bomber Tu-16, the first Soviet supersonic bomber Tu-22K, as well as the Tu-22M3, which is still a formidable weapon, are also on display. There is probably no place in the world to feel its fragility like in the seat of a strategic bomber pilot! 

Objects of interest: 

Heavy bombers Tu-16К “Badger”, Tu-22КП “Blinder”, Tu-22M3 “Backfire-C”, Tu-95 “Bear” и Tu-160 “Black Jack”.

Fighter aircraft: Su-15 “Flagon-G”. 

Aircrafts: An-2, Tu-134UBL “Crusty-B”. 

Helicopters: Mi-2 “Hoplite”,Mi-8 “Hip”

Launch at the restaurant

After the tour, you will return to the hotel in Kyiv

Day 6:

A day-long individual tour to Chernobyl

During the tour, you will see:

Chornobyl NPP:


ecologically-clean dinner in a Chornobyl state canteen for the Exclusion zone workers (vegetarian meal available upon request). 

After the tour, you will return to the hotel in Kyiv

Day 7:

Breakfast at a hotelTransfer to the airport

Optionally: for early arrivals, before check-in, or for late departures, after check-out, you can visit the Antonov Aviation Museum (for extra charge).

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