Galician California: secrets and discoveries of the oil-producing centre of Europe

Duration: 4 days
Location: Lviv


We invite you on a trip to the Galician California – spectacular spots in Western Ukraine. Drohobych with its St. George’s Church, featured in the UNESCO World Heritage List, Truskavets with its unique healing water sources and Boryslav as a European oil production centre of the 20th century. How about that? Just imagine what it all looks like.

What you are going to see:

Day 1:

Welcome to Lviv! Upon arrival, you’ll get an individual transfer to Citadel Inn 5* hotel located in the historical centre of Lviv. After check-in, you will have lunch in Harmata restaurant, which offers a panoramic view of Leo city. Enjoy the views to the piano music with a gourmet dish and a glass of wine.

After lunch, it’s time for the sightseeing as part of “Austrian Lviv” tour.

You will visit one of the largest universities in Ukraine, formerly the building of the Galician Seim (Diet of Galicia and Lodomeria); the House of Scientists with an interior unique for Ukraine, the Count Potocki Palace with a collection of paintings from the Lviv Art Gallery. You will also climb one of the panorama platforms of Lviv.

After the tour, you have free time.

You will have dinner at another restaurant, “Gasova Lampa” (gas lamp).

The name is self-explanatory, because it was Lviv that gave the world a gas lamp, which later became known as the “Viennese lamp”. It was invented by local pharmacists Jan Zeh and Ignacy Łukasiewicz in 1853. The restaurant-museum houses one of the largest collections of gas lamps in Europe. The atmosphere of Lviv pub is complemented by explosions, flashes, smell of kerosene and grunge and rock music. Follow a conductor with a lit lantern to get into the restaurant. You will also learn what the secret Galician alchemy is.

Day 2:

After breakfast at the hotel, you will go on a sightseeing tour to the ancient city of Drohobych – the birthplace of many celebrities and a place of ancient traditions. You will see the wooden St. George Church, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the City Hall dungeon, the oldest salt works in Europe, the first gas lantern and other interesting places.

After the tour, you will have lunch at Salt grill & lounge restaurant. This is a modern restaurant, but with a long-standing tradition of Drohobych. The menu includes meat and fish dishes seasoned with a special spice – Drohobych salt, which has been mined in the city using the same technology from the 12th century till present. The salt is present in all dishes, even in desserts and coffee. We recommend a local specialty – fish baked in salt with an original fiery serving.

In the evening, you will climb the Town Hall tower and admire the city centre and even the neighbouring towns – Truskavets and Stebnik – from the viewing platform. Theatrical torch ascents are held at the Town Hall, so you can also watch a show.

As for the dungeon of the Town Hall, a museum is located here, where several hundred old scales are collected. The oldest exemplar dates back to the 10th century. The scales for weighing eggs and chocolate, as well as pharmacy scales, are among the most interesting.

There is also the most interesting and mysterious “magic scales” – a terrible reminder of the Inquisition times. In the Middle Ages, they believed: if a woman was suspected of wrongful acts, and she weighed less than three pounds (48 kg), this meant she was a witch. It was believed that heavier young ladies just could not fly on a broomstick. Today, everyone can be weighed with the “witch’s scales”. Besides, theatrical witch trials are held in the dungeon.

You will have dinner at Pastel restaurant, famous for its assortment of dumplings and desserts. After dinner, you will go to Truskavets – internationally renowned balneological resort with healing mineral waters, located in the picturesque valley of the foothills of the Eastern Carpathians.

Accommodation at Mirotel Resort & Spa, which will surprise you with its stylish design and modern technology. The modern medical and health centre “Med Palace” deserves special mention. Ideal conditions are provided for a comfortable stay and health improvement here.

Swimming-pool in “Mirotel Resort & Spa” hotel.

A night at “Mirotel Resort & Spa” hotel.

Day 3:

After breakfast at the hotel, you will have a tour around Truskavets with a visit to pump rooms with healing mineral waters, including the world famous Naftusia. During a walking tour you will see the urban architecture of Austro-Hungarian Empire that has survived to this day.

After the tour, you will go to Boryslav, the oil capital of Europe, the so-called Galician California. The resort has been operating in Truskavets since 1827. In those days, as night fell, vacationers bought tickets for an open topped car and went to local “Las Vegas” – Boryslav, because all fifteen hundred wells, 9 gas processing plants and 5 oil refineries were effectively illuminated. At the beginning of the 20th century, Boryslav occupied a leading place in Europe among oil producers, and in 1907, the well-known Oil City was drilled here, which blew out three thousand tons of oil from a depth of 1,008 meters. The tourists from around the world, even from Australia, came to see this miracle.

You will visit the Museum of the Oil and Gas Industry, where you will find out why Western Ukraine was the centre of oil production in Europe, and also see old oil production equipment. After the tour, you will have lunch at Barabskyi Mist restaurant, styled to look like the oil Boryslav.

After lunch, you will go to Lviv, where you’ll have an overnight stay at Citadel Inn 5* hotel.

Day 4:

After breakfast at the hotel, you will head off to the airport.

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