Kherson region at the crossroads of epochs, elements and cultures

Duration: 5 days
Location: Kherson region

Kherson region. There are memorable places of ancient Greek history here, full of glorious events and figures of legendary heroes – Achilles, whose name the Greeks gave either to Tendrivska or to Kinburska sand bar (the so-called “Achilles’ run”), Hercules, who, according to the legend retold by Herodotus, together with the half-snake goddess, became the father of the Scythians at the mouth of the Borysfen (Dnieper) River, in the forest tract of Gilea, in a deep cave.

Although, no matter how fleeting and changeable everything in life is, there are things that remain stable despite time. Kherson is all the same port city, combining the charisma of the South and the character of the North, goods from the East and the cultural experience of Europe. Here, as in the last 10 centuries, different peoples coexist quite well, preserving their own individuality.

Day 1: Arrival to Kherson

Transfer toPanoramaor Optima” hotel. Check-in.

Day 2:

After breakfast, an author’s tour “Kherson de Mason” is reserved for you.

“Kherson de Mason” is a route that reveals secrets going as far back as the 18th century. Who ruled Kherson and who stopped the French expansion, what the names of Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, Jeanne de Lamot Valois, Admiral Jose Pasqual Dominique de Ribas and many others mean for the city – all this can be learned from an interesting and meaningful narrative, confirmed with a review of factual evidence.

This mysterious excursion begins and ends at “Nostalgia” restaurant, where an exquisite lunch is reserved for you. “Nostalgia” is one of the first high-end restaurants to appear in Kherson. The institution is located in the city centre. The interior is decorated with wood and stone in old England style. The patio is decorated with lots of exotic plants. The menu consists of dishes of European and author’s Ukrainian cuisine. They also offer their own pastries and wines from Italy, Germany and France here.

Do you remember the movie “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door”? A film about that it is unreasonable to be afraid. In the afternoon, before sunset, you will visit an emotional and cognitive “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” trip to the Kherson Mountains. During this interesting tour, you will be shown in practice that there is nothing to fear in this life is a true statement; that you have to try and dream, to find time for your desires, to know the land you live on and to love yourself on this land.

There is a special place in Kherson region that is suitable for making wishes, and you will make a themed trip with adventures and tequila, with a master class in making wishes and interesting information about Kherson. All this – against the background of unique landscapes and a fantastic sunset.

Upon returning to Kherson, you will have dinner at “Shkaf” restaurant (recommended). “Shkaf” receives guests on two floors. The interior laconically combines warm shades and details that create an illusion of being in the closet: umbrellas, clothes hangers and other attributes. You will have a unique opportunity to taste local cuisine here.

Day 3: Tour to Biosphere Reserve “Askania Nova”

“Askania Nova”, Ukraine’s largest nature reserve, was founded on the territory of modern Kherson region by German landowner Friedrich Falz-Fein in 1898. This was the first time in history that a landowner allocated a separate part of his land, freeing it from economic use.

Biosphere Reserve “Askania Nova” is a unique corner of the steppe, which has not yet been touched by humans. This is not only one of the seven wonders of Ukraine, but also the oldest steppe virgin land in the world.

Complete isolation from agricultural, industrial and construction activities has contributed to the preservation of pristine nature, which remains the same as hundreds of years ago.

“Askania-Nova” is a reserve, which impresses not only with its scale and number of representatives of the animal world, but also with the fact that all its inhabitants get along in an incredible way and coexist in complete harmony with each other. The tour will take you on excursion of the arboretum, zoo, and you will also have a unique opportunity to go directly to the steppe, the so-called safari park, in order to see rare animals in their natural habitat.

Lunch is provided during the tour.

Upon returning to Kherson, you will have dinner at the following restaurants-pubs at your choice: “Corbett”/ “Kabanos”/ “John Howard”/ “Miracoli” with the opportunity to taste the brand “Kherson cake” for dessert – the winner of the competition for the sweet showpiece of the city (recommended).

Day 4: Tour to Kherson desert (Oleshky sands)

Oleshky sands is the largest sand massif on the map of Ukraine and the second largest desert in the entire Europe. The large area, often called the Ukrainian Sahara, with sand dunes and sand-drifts reaching a height of 5 m and moving by force of winds, stretches in Oleshkiv district 30 km east of Kherson.

ATV safari

Yes, this is the same safari as, for example, in Egypt. It is just more comfortable and safer, because it happens only with the help of new ATVs. ATVs are rented and ridden after briefing and with the constant support of an instructor.

After the safari, it’s time to have lunch at “Pan Ataman” restaurant,

which revived the unique tastes of the past. “Kherson. Vintage cuisine” is a project of revival of historical authentic cuisine of southern Ukraine: search and restoration of recipes of the 18th century in a modern interpretation based on local products and modern equipment. Each dish has its own history or is dedicated to a person whose name make it into Kherson region history.

Author’s wine tour to Trubetskoi’s chateau

The “Winery of Prince P.M. Trubetskoi” will give you romantic holiday in comfortable conditions among the vineyards, with an incredible view of the Dnieper. You can immerse into history by going down to the wine cellars and strolling down intricate galleries.

“Winery of Prince P.M. Trubetskoi” products  have been recognized not only in Ukraine but also abroad.

The pride of winemakers – an exclusive collection, which contains about 10 thousand bottles of rare and legendary wines. Samples that are more than 100 years old are also stored in the cellars.

Here grapes are processed according to the classical technology, without the addition of preservatives and stabilizers. At the wine tasting you will also be able to appreciate it, or else buy the wine you like best in the chateau.

You can dine at the luxury restaurant in the chateau (recommended). Restaurant hall of incredible size is comfortable and cosy. Every stone bears history here. The amazing interior, the view from the windows to the “Kakhovka Reservoir”, the author’s menu from the chef – all this creates the perfect atmosphere, which is complemented by the wines of Prince Trubetskoi.

Return to Kherson.

Day 5:


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