Taste and Flair of Odesa

Duration: 4 days
Location: Odesa
Day 1:

Upon arrival to Odesa, you will check in “Maristella” 5* or “Gagarinn” 4* hotel.

“Maristella” hotel is located in the fashionable district of Odesa – at the 10th station of the Big Fountain, closer to the sea than most of the city’s hotels. From afar, it resembles a ship moored to the pier.

Day 2:

After breakfast at the hotel, you will go on a walking tour “Odesa through the eyes of its residents.” Odesa is an amazing and unique city. People were never bored and always joked here, and how! Geniuses were born here. Trusting, cheerful, open, hospitable people have amazed and still amaze everyone who has ever visited this pleasant land. Nobody knows how to bargain and joke better than the people of Odesa. In the end, no one knows how to cook like the people of Odesa.

Odessa begins where a noisy bazaar is combined with a sedate boulevard, where the question is answered with the question, where people like to tell jokes and teach to treat everything philosophically and ironically.

Walk through the narrow streets, breathe in the scent of the sea and watch, and absorb everything that is called Odesa. You will definitely love it.

We recommend that you have lunch at the “Gambrinus” restaurant (optional).

This is a bright and colourful, atmospheric and tasty historical corner of Odesa. Besides, today “Gambrinus”, perhaps, can lay claim to being the most ancient eatery in Odesa. It personifies not only history. Here is a unique menu that has absorbed notes of multiculturalism and traditions of Odesa cuisine. Taste our signature beer, brewed following a special recipe. You will not stay indifferent to songs about Odesa performed by “Kontrabanda” musical band and “Gambrinus” trio.

A romantic sunset seeing on a yacht at sea is ahead of you in the evening.

Day 3: Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi

After breakfast, you will go to Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi, which lies on the banks of the Dniester estuary. The Greeks founded Tira here; the Turks built a fortress, the Swiss created unique vineyards.

After that, you will visit Akkerman Fortress – one of the most powerful and interesting fortresses in the South. Its wonderfully preserved walls, towering over the dark waters of the estuary, impress with their splendour and haughtiness to this day.

The fortress stands on the rocky bank of the Dniester estuary on the site of Tira (an ancient Greek polis of the 5th-4th centuries BC). The fortification, which was formed during the 14th-15th centuries, belongs to the tower-wall type. It consists of four parts: the citadel or the Genoese castle of the northern (garrison), southern and port courtyards.

An interesting excursion “Shabo Wine Culture Centre” with the tasting is reserved for you.

“Shabo Wine Culture Centre” is the only tourist complex in Ukraine, located directly on the territory of an operating winery which combines modern high-tech production and unique cultural and historical sites.

The excursion program is informative and diverse. Everything here has so much history and inspires modernity. Everybody is going to be blown away by the majestic architectural complexes, unique objects of modern art, unusual expositions of landscape design, located in the territory of “Shabo Wine Culture Centre”, namely: the only vine monument in Ukraine, the “Trilogy of the Vine” art gallery, “Shabo Art Centre” gallery, a multimedia sculpture of the Fountain of Dionysus, a museum maze, Georgian marani, two museum cinemas, an alpine rock garden, “Shabo” museum, etc.

The doors of all enterprise units are open to you: an up-to-date unit for receiving and processing of grapes, a huge underground wine cellar, a unit of elite wines Shabo, the most advanced equipment; powerful complex of “Shabo” cognacs, brandy and grape vodka, House of sparkling wines Shabo. All of the above is right next to the vineyards.

For the convenience of guests, a branded boutique was opened in “Shabo”, which presents the entire range of “Shabo” – more than 80 items of the highest quality. You can buy some souvenirs here.

Next to the “Shabo Wine Culture Centre”, there is a cosy restaurant “Shabskyi Dvoryk”, where we suggest you to taste any dish with a decent accompaniment of sparkling “Shabo” wines, brandy, cognac and grape vodka for lunch.

Day 4: Return to Odesa

After breakfast, you will go on an excursion “Catacombs. Underground Odesa” with liqueurs and tea with bread rings tasting underground in helmets and with flashlights.

Odesa catacombs are a network of underground passages and mazes under Odesa. Today, the length of the Odesa catacombs is estimated at about 2,500 km – this is one of the largest underground mazes on Earth. Limestone was mined here. There are also many criminal and romantic stories associated with this place.

We also suggest you to go on a gastronomic tour by electric car. You will drive an electric car along Odesa with a professional guide and get acquainted with three dining institutions – their history and tastes. In each of them, you will taste a set for a group of 5-6 different dishes – alcoholic beverages (wine, liqueurs) tasting, acquaintance with the brand chef, manager or owner of the institution.

After the tours, you will have free time. We recommend you to have dinner at “Franzol” restaurant (optional). Here you will feel Odesa fun and satiate your appetite!

After dinner – transfer to the airport.

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