Travel in Ukraine: Bukovyna Mosaic Chernivtsi and Pearl on Stone Kamianets-Podilskyi

Duration: 4 days
Location: Bukovyna, Chernivtsi, Kamianets-Podilskyi


Chernivtsi has always been a welcome city for the powerful conquerors of Eastern Europe. In the Middle Ages, the city was an outpost in the north of the Ottoman Empire, in New Times, it became the eastern border of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, then – the administrative and financial centre of Greater Romania, and even later – the gateway to Europe for the Soviet Union. We offer you to conquer this city as well. Or you can be conquered by him. The program includes the famous fortresses of Khotyn and Kamianets-Podilskyi.

What you are going to see:

Day 1:

Welcome to Chernivtsi – the city with fascinating history, charm of unique architecture and multiculturalism. At the airport, you will be met by an individual transfer to the hotel Allure Inn 4*.

There’s a city tour waiting ahead. But first lunch at the restaurant Panska Guralnia which is one of the most colourful and best visited in the city. Folk traditions, delicious dishes, in-house infusions and liqueurs – all this creates an interesting tandem of history and modernity.

Now it’s time to see the city. During the excursion you will see architectural, historical and natural sights of Chernivtsi. Among them, of course, are the famous Yuriy Fedkovych National University – a unique monument of world architecture, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and in the past – the residence of the metropolitans of Bukovina and Dalmatia.

After the tour you will have dinner in one of the most popular cafes in the centre of Chernivtsi – Videnska Kaviarnia (Vienna Coffee House). The interior is decorated in the refined style of Austrian era, and the menu offers 300 items: from the usual omelette to exclusive dishes.

After dinner you will have an evening walk along Olha Kobylianska Pedestrian Street. It used to be a ‘street swept up with roses and not allowed in dirty shoes’. Amazingly, once every morning wipers used to clean the pavement and the sidewalks with warm water and soap.

Day 2:

After breakfast at the hotel, you will go to Khotyn. It is an ancient city that has a prominent place in medieval European history. Founded by the Eastern Slavs near the important crossing of the Middle Dniester, the city developed rapidly and became one of the most important defence and trade points in the region. For more than a century, two different cultures – Muslim and Christian – coexisted on these lands. The construction of churches was changed by the construction of mosques, on the ruins of which later temples were built again.

You will visit the Khotyn Fortress – a monument of XI century fortification art. One of the most beautiful fortresses of Ukraine built in a picturesque area on the banks of the majestic Dniester River.

Once the Khotyn Fortress was one of the most powerful in Eastern Europe, under its walls repeatedly came together numerous armies. Due to its strategic border location, for centuries the fortress was part of various states: Kyivan Rus, Kingdom of Galicia-Volhynia and Moldavian principality, as well as the Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian and Russian Empires. This largely predetermined its architectural style, which was formed under the influence of common European trends.

Then you will go to Kamianets-Podilskyi, known as ‘Pearl on Stone’ or ‘Flower on Stone’. For many centuries the city was the political, economic and cultural centre of Podilia. Strong walls and towers of the Old Fortress rise on the steep cliffs. From the banks of the canyon there is a unique view of the Old Town, akin to Ω-letter (omega). On the rocky island there is a church with a Turkish minaret, a town hall and an Orthodox church that keep stories about the events of past centuries.

After the tour – a meal at the restaurant Frant, accompanied by jazz music and coffee flavour.

After rest you will be waited by sightseeing tour Ancient Kamianets-Podilskyi where you will examine all its cult constructions.

Then you will have dinner at the tavern Veselyi Sazhotrus (Merry Chimney Sweep), a themed institution with its own legend. They say that a magic chimney sweep brings good luck – you just have to touch its buttons, each of which has its own luck. And also, here you can eat delicious food and try the infusions of its own production.

End the day with an evening theatrical tour Legends of the Old Castle, when the lanterns will be lit for you and the Old Town will come alive. Behind the castle walls you’ll hear chatter, funny laughter and music – the legends of the Old Castle are unravelled here. The night-time illumination of the castle will create the atmosphere of a romantic medieval fairy tale, and accompanied by historical characters you will travel through time – they will guide you through the corridors, towers and dungeons of the castle, revealing its secrets, accompanied by interesting stories, songs, dances and other surprises.

After the tour you will return to Chernivtsi for the night.

Day 3:

After breakfast you will travel to Myhove village. It is located at an altitude of 500 m above sea level, at the foot of the picturesque peaks of the Bukovinian Carpathians – the mountains Kychera and Stozhok (800 m above sea level). Nearby the Solonets tract is located, famous for its healing mineral water springs, as well as the mountain lake Maidan with its purest water.

After a walk, you’ll relax and have lunch at the complex Carpathian Tower, in the complex on the territory of the ski tourist complex Myhove. You will enjoy picturesque views of the Carpathian Mountains and clean air.

After lunch you will have free time. There is a tennis court, saunas, heated outdoor pools, rafting, paintball, horseback riding and many other activities at your disposal.

In the evening you will have dinner at the castle-restaurant Hetman with stone walls, a fireplace and even a suspension bridge. After dinner – free time and return to Chernivtsi.

Day 4:

Your journey is over, it’s time to go home. An individual transfer to the airport (Gold package) or train station (Silver package) awaits you.

See you on Bukovina!

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