Weekend in Kyiv

Duration: 4 days
Location: Kyiv


Kyiv is the capital and most advanced city of Ukraine. However, in this tour you will see not only its current appearance, but also historical one: ancient – since the founding of the city and the Kyivan Rus in general, and recent – 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. Besides, you have Chornobyl ahead of you – a place where history has literally frozen.

What you are going to see:

Day 1:

Upon arrival to Kyiv an individual transfer to the hotel Park Inn (Silver package) or 11 Mirrors (Gold package) awaits you.

Free time.

Dinner at Khmeli-Suneli restaurant.

Day 2:

Breakfast at the hotel.

Today you will have a private sightseeing tour of Kyiv in a comfortable business class car, during which you will see the most interesting architectural sights of the city.

Lunch at DOM #10 restaurant. The house number 10 is almost two centuries old. Once a sculptor and his family lived there. The old oak floor still keeps gypsum powder in its cracks – the memory of those times, old books line up in the library, and dishes shine in the antique cupboard.

Then a walking tour along Podil and St. Andrew’s Descent, also called the Montmartre of Kyiv is planned for you.

St. Andrew’s Descent is one of the oldest streets in Eastern Europe. Many well-known figures of science and culture lived and worked here — scientists, writers, composers, sculptors and artists. Today, St. Andrew’s Descent is a museum street that houses artists, photographers, artisans and gift shops, and also theatres, art galleries and exhibitions.
By the way, the French Republic Montmartre syndicate and Kyiv non-governmental organization “Initiative for St. Andrew’s Passage” have even concluded a cooperation agreement. Since then grapes from Montmartre have been growing at St. Andrew’s Descent, and there is a mini-copy of the fairy-tale cat from Landscape Alley is installed in the most popular area of Paris.

Dinner at Ostania Barykada (Last Barricade) Restaurant.

Day 3:

Breakfast at the hotel.

Today you will have a full day tour to Chornobyl. You will experience the magnitude of events that have changed the history of Earth’s civilization. You will pass through the entrance to the 30-kilometer zone – the “Dytiatky” checkpoint and the entrance to the 10-kilometer zone – the “Leliov” checkpoint.

During the tour, you will see the abandoned city of Pripiat, a Ferris wheel, a kindergarten, a school, a city pool, a river harbour with a flooded pier, a police station with a pre-detention centre and the building of the Executive Committee of the City.

You’ll see the abandoned villages of Zalissia and Kopachi and the deactivated Red Forest.

You will also visit the first Post-accident clean-up headquarters, “Polissia” hotel, where there was an observation post for adjusting helicopter operations over the ruins of the 4th reactor, a hospital that received the first victims of the accident and its clean-up. And, of course, you will see the Chernobyl NPP itself: a memorial at the administrative building, a sarcophagus (viewing platform), feed the catfish (depending on the season), and also visit the secret Soviet radar The Arc.

Besides, you will see an exhibition of equipment and robots that participated in the post-accident clean-up.

During the break may have lunch in the canteen of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant (optionally).

Returning to the hotel.

Day 4:

Breakfast, check-out. Transfer to the airport.

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